Joe (montgomeryl) wrote in thx4thememorex,

The Polls are In!

The winner with a whopping 67% of the vote is... Barack Obama! Oops, I mean Musical Geography. So if you're filled with audacious hope about this month's theme, come on down to our place at 7pm on Wednesday Apr 23rd. (I'll email the address for obvious reasons)
The rules again are this:
  • At least 10 songs
  • No more than 2 songs per artist including side projects (e.g. Morrissey and the Smiths)
  • The theme is a loose suggestion (If you want to do a CD filled with Chicago, Boston and Kansas, go ahead, but don't be surprised when no one listens to it :-))

We'll be grilling for dinner. Brats and burgers sound good? Bring a six-pack, bottle of wine or a mixer for your favorite liquor (We'll have gin, vodka, tequila, and whiskey.)

Current Guest List (please bring one CD per bullet point) :
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