Saippuakauppias' Ark (mr_flippant) wrote in thx4thememorex,
Saippuakauppias' Ark

Track List

1. Big Eater by The Bad Plus
2. Bite by The Kleptones
3. Hospital Food by Eels
4. Bananas and Blow by Ween
5. Food and Pussy by Dan Reeder
6. Eggy in a Bready II by Heavy Vegetable
7. Cheesecake Truck by King Missile
8. Soup Kitchen by D.R.I.
9. Sandwiches by Mitch Hedberg
10. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow by Frank Zappa
11. I Like Food by Descendents
12. Empty Cupboard by Carla Kihlstedt
13. Search for Delicious by Panda Bear
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