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Joined this comm w/o looking too closely at posting history - looks as if it's kinda dying, or at least moving real, real slow, so this may be a futile post. Oh well, futility is almost my middle name. 

I made this a few nights ago - it came w/ an accompanying essay about Saturday nights in the South, where I live. I try to avoid putting more than one song by any one artist on a playlist, unless it bookends, as here, or somehow fits the overall point. 

For me, mixes and playlists are all about flow. I like to be eclectic and go in a number of different directions, sample different flavors and colors, but the songs have to segue in a sensible manner. If the segue is too jarring, I don't care how cool the transition or transposition may be - it goes.


The Church of Saturday Night

1) Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood
2) Rufus Thomas - Walking the Dog
3) Rolling Stones - Harlem Shuffle
4) Kenny Brown - In the Mood
5) Van Morrison - Midnight Special
6) Janis Joplin - One Good Man
7) The Ronettes - Be My Baby
8) The Raconteurs - The Switch and the Spur
9) Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - El Matador
10) Lil Wayne - Let the Beat Build
11) Love- Alone Again Or
12) Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy
13) Lou Reed - Rock&Roll Heart
14) The Leisure Class - Jesus
15) Silver Jews - Party Barge
16) Sam Sham & the Pharoahs - Wooly Bully
17) Loretta Lynn - Mrs. Leroy Brown
18) Bruce Springsteen -Backstreets
19) Maria McKee - Panic Beach
20) Louis Armstrong - Tin Roof Blues
21) Eddie Floyd - Bring It On Home to me

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